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Welcome to One Hot Mama, a family friendly Salon and Spa with child care that is here to make your life a little easier. As you are enjoying some well deserved time to yourself, your child will be looked after by our caring staff, all of whom are trained in Child Care First Aid and CPR and have undergone a criminal records check.  We have no age restrictions in our facility.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please call us at least 24 hours in advance. If you do not notify us 24 hours in advance and you have booked child care a maximum fee of $10 will be charged to you upon your visit, as we staff according to the number of expected children.

At the end of your visit with us, you will be able to pay for your services with your choice of Visa, MasterCard, Debit or Cash. We do not accept American Express.

The cost of care is $5.00 per child per hour for the first child, $4.00 per hour for the second child, $3.00 per hour for the third child, and $2.00 per hour for additional children.

Please take your child to the bathroom prior to leaving them in child care. A facility is available in the building. We ask that upon your arrival to a scheduled appointment you remove your children’s coat and shoes, make sure they have socks on and then sign them into the childcare area.  Please leave any necessary labeled items or instructions with our staff.


Child Minding Policies & Waiver



Welcome to One Hot Mama Salon & Spa Inc., (“One Hot Mama”) a family friendly facility that is here to make your life a little easier. As you are enjoying some well-deserved time to yourself, your child will be looked after by our caring staff, all of whom are trained in Child Care First Aid and CPR and have undergone a criminal records check. 

To keep your child happy, healthy and safe, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

· If you are bringing snacks for your child please bring healthy, clean snacks only. In consideration of children with allergies, we ask that they be nut free snacks.

· Please label any drinks with child’s name. Please bring drinks in a spill proof cup/bottle.

· Please supply any diapers and bottles necessary. One Hot Mama Salon & Spa Inc. employees require parent's permission to change diapers. Parents will be asked to come to the Kids’ Club as necessary if permission is not granted.

Staff have permission to change my child __________________

Staff do not have permission to change my child __________________

· The Staff when alerted will assist the child to the restroom area. Each potty trained child must be able to complete the process independently or wear pull-ups. Parents may opt to return to the Kids’ Club during potty training times to assist in potty practices. If the child wets their clothing, the parent is to be informed immediately. The parent may change the child’s clothes (if a change of clothes has been packed) or take the child home.

· Please do not bring any toys from home. Some objects big or small may be dangerous to other children.

· Please have your child in socks before they enter the room.

· In consideration of other children and staff and to prevent the spread of infection, please do not bring your child to the facility if they are very sick. Children with flu symptoms or illness, such as running a temperature, coughing, rash, runny nose, vomiting, and diarrhea, will not be permitted. The health of our clients, their children, and our staff are of utmost importance.

· Please sign in every time you drop off your child.

· Do not leave the premises. One Hot Mama Salon & Spa Inc. is licensed as an “accessory use” child care centre. We do not provide “all day” child care and the parent/guardian must remain on the premises during the entire duration of the visit.

· Please pay for your services prior to picking up your child.

· Children will only be released to the parent/guardian who checked them in, unless otherwise listed on the child(ren)’s profile.

In the event of an emergency evacuation procedure, our staff will be responsible for directly escorting the children out of the building. You may then pick up your child at the meeting point which is at the entrance to the parking lot.

By signing this waiver, you agree to allow One Hot Mama staff to perform any First Aid and/or CPR necessary. You will be notified of any incidents that may occur.

By signing this waiver, you give us permission to take you child to the bathroom located in the public space.

As with any child care facility there is a degree of risk involved in leaving your child in a group situation.  By signing below you hereby agree on behalf of yourself and the minor, your heirs and successors and hereby release, discharge and forever hold harmless, One Hot Mama and its directors, employees, volunteers, and independent contractors, including their heirs, and successors, from any claims arising by reason of any disease, deterioration of health, illness or injury to any person, including death, the rendering of any medical procedures or treatment or for damage to or loss of any of your property resulting from or arising from being present on the premises or participation in any childcare program on the premises or the use of any facilities or equipment located on the premises or from the negligence of One Hot Mama, their directors, employees, volunteers or independent contractors or from any other person using the premises.  For purposes of any emergency procedure and treatment please confirm that your child’s blood type is ____ and your child has the following allergies and the medical conditions (if any) as follows:_________________________________________________________________.  You understand that One Hot Mama does not carry any insurance relative to the activities or for any injury that may occur to your child and represent that your child is covered by insurance through your insurance carrier.

_________________________________________          ___________________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian:                                  Name of Child:

____________________________________ ____________

Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number:               Date:

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